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It is every person dream to have a spacious house. With large space available in your home you can use various ideas to decorate your home and make it look very attractive. Bathroom is a very prominent place in a house and it is desirable for everyone to have a spacious bathroom. However, having a spacious house or a bathroom is not possible for everyone. You probably would have a decent house but a small bathroom but there are several ways that you can use to make use of most of the place which will provide you with the same feeling of having a large bathroom.

About small bathrooms and how can you make the best out of it:-

When you have a spacious bathroom you have all the freedom to design your bathroom with luxury accessories, you can add a large bath tub with Jacuzzi or you can even install a bath cubicle with modern CP fittings and water heaters. You can also use sophisticated furniture with roomy bath vanity etc. Most of all these ideas can be implemented only is you have spacious bathroom. Few key pointers you should make note of, if you want to make most out of your small bathroom.

  1. Lighting plays an important role especially in small bathrooms as it can make it appear spacious. You may want to shop trizo21 lighting from a reputed outlet that deals with bathroom accessories and equipment’s. Shopping for trizo21 lighting is highly recommended since their products can be used for homes and for commercial purpose.
  2. The use of pendent or recessed lights is suggested since these types of lights are more practical compared to have a fixed centrally mounted lighting fittings.
  3. You can also add large mirrors since it creates reflection and thus creates an illusion of a spacious bathroom.
  4. Painting your bathroom in light colour would help greatly as your small bathroom will appear more spacious since light colour would reflect light.
  5. You may opt for bath cubicle instead of bathtub. It is very much stylish and will add glamour to your bathroom.
  6. You can also use smaller yet attractive wash basin and can mount it on a wooden cabinet. Wooden cabinet will give you space to store bath products etc.
  7. It recommended to opt for wall mounted WC with a round style thus it will help you save lit of space.


When it comes to light accessory, it highly recommended to shop trizo21 lighting, it is brand that you can trust.


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Why choose modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights?   Leave a comment

Every one want to have beautiful rooms filled with lovely modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights, table lamps and why do all seek the best? It is just because in these modern days everyone wants to show off their status in those things they use and apart from cars, job now comes the light fixtures of every person’s home.


All ceiling lights are not the same. Every quality of ceiling light serves to perform different task in your home. It also boosts up your mood in those tired evenings. Isn’t it?

An addiction to table lamps

Now days you can see many using Tiffany, Forscani or any branded table lamp just because they love to decorate and show their personality through it!

People illuminate home/office with different interior designer light fixtures and to ad up with the trendy ceiling lights or wall sconces the table lamps with its adjustability feature now tops the list of other track lights.


This “unsung hero” [table lamp] is availed in many types .It is classified as Torchy , specialty buffet, glass shade, accent, shaded and other round style lamps which in total adds up the beauty of every table it is being placed.


Apart from using table lamps that emits that warm glow of light through that glass here comes the fabric lamps which emits lights through fabric and in turn with different shades of fabric fixed upon the light fixture oyu are sure to expect that shade of light in your table.

Bronze/Silver :

The antique bronze as well as silver table lamps can urge the users many times to just stand and stare at its beauty for long. Unique designs of such lamps add up the users’ personality/status and when it just contemplates with the rooms’ general mood you are sure to expect many of your visitors giving one long look at your fabulous table lamps!

Wood lamps

The modular lighting cake, modular ceiling lights might make you ceiling look fine but there are numerous driftwood stick table lamps availed in todays’ market .It sure just looks like a pile of chopped woods for a table stand and its natural shade with shapy corners with 150 watt turnkey switch makes your socket look fine as well.

There are many such table lamps and you can change or add new ones online by choosing the right kind of seller.

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Designing and repairing outdoor lights   Leave a comment

Modular lighting instruments have to do with standardized measurements that provide flexibility and range of use. That said, let’s take a look at how outdoor lighting can be so very useful.

Designing Low Voltage Outdoor Lights:-

Your front walkway is the place to start thinking about putting up these lights. Draw or sketch what you can of your path leading up to the entrance and go to the next point.

Using a tape measure, get down to measuring your walkway. It’s preferred that you put 1 light every 10 feet, so add the appropriate markings to the sketch.

Trees, bushes, rocks and gardens need accenting so be sure to choose the ones you’ve in mind to highlight.

Fixtures for various places are different. Quick reference: Up-lights for trees and boulders and down-lights for gardens. Keep count of the number of fixtures needed.

The transformer box that lights up all these lights should be in an accessible area.

Since we’re dealing with low voltage lights, find out how much wires for these lights are need to be attached to the transformer. Keep some extra just in case.

Calculate proposed worth of wattage needed to light up all your outdoor beauties. Buy a transformer larger than required so you can use it if any more additions join your garden to transform it into something splendid and enchanting.

Repairing Low Voltage Outdoor Lights:-

If you’ve chosen to read this part you obviously must be having electrical and other trouble with your lights!

There’s usually a controller that accompanies this sort of low voltage lighting so be sure that it’s set at the correct time to turn on. If not, reprogram it.

Then, we come to the ridiculous notion that if your controller is alright and your lights still don’t turn on then check if you’ve plugged in the controller or check to see if the light bulb needs replacing! Duh!

The front panel of the controller is where the wire connections run, so use a screwdriver and stay safe while attempting to tighten the screws and fix the wire connections properly.

If all’s well and trouble still lingers, dig up the appropriate splice and tighten the connection. The splice is the junction where two wires meet.

If there’s a loose connection dig up the wire-nut connector after disconnecting the power source.

Check for corrosion wherever needed. There could be rusting, burning and whatnot so be sure to carry out the needed replacements.

Use the usual connectors or those filled with silicone and twist the wire-nut connector back in place.

These are the ways you can go about designing and/or repairing your recessed modular lighting instruments or outdoor lighting additions so they can continue to look stunning and add to your home’s outdoor space that unprecedented sense of art with that touch of royalty.

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Five Reasons to Buy Trizio21 Products   Leave a comment

Every interior designer knows about the reputation of Trizio21 lighting products. This Belgian company has bagged the prestigious Design Plus Award in Frankfurt for its innovativeness as well as ecological and technological quality. Their impressive products are used to illuminate many households, commercial centers, Office buildings and hotels in 20 countries. If you still need to be convinced about their superiority, continue reading.

Simple design, better functionality

Trizio21 products try to impress you by their functionality, not design. Instead of making ornate products with they try to keep the designs simple yet elegant. Smooth seamless fixtures are ensured by using solid aluminium as a material. Each and every model of trizo21 is wonderfully unique. No wonder that architects and lighting consultants advise all their clients to choose these products to solve their illumination need.

Unmatched quality

Trizio21 has become synonymous with handmade lighting fixtures of great quality. They select people with excellent craftsmanship for their production units. Starting from using best quality raw material they check the quality of the products at every stage of production. Expert technicians carefully give the finishing touches to every product making those unique. Naturally, the finished goods that pass their quality control check are perfect in technical quality.

Go green

Buy Trizio21 lights for saving on electricity consumption. Tizor and other similar offerings from this Belgian brand produce great quality of light consuming less power. This is possible by using economic bulbs in the products. You will also get many interesting products that come with LED. These LED lights are capable of creating stunning lighting effects consuming very little energy. Choose these if you care for the environment.

Easy availability

This company has spread its marketing network in twenty countries with many distributors and suppliers. They are still in the expansion mode and will cover more locations in near future. On top of that, now you have the option to buy trizo21 online. Check out the online catalogue, make your choice and place the order. It is as simple as that.

Worldwide Reputation

There are many companies making similar products in the market. But Trizio21 has gone ahead of all its competitors by its sheer reputation. All their products are extremely user friendly and are well known for satisfying all the customers. No wonder it is the first choice of designer lighting solution for people all over the world.

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Delta light at wide acceptance   Leave a comment

Lights and light fixtures providing that glow to your home/office needs to be something out of the ordinary. Yes we do not like to see the conventional induction light fixtures in our halls /kitchen and we look out for fixtures like delta light products which could induce warmth and serene glow in an entire room.


Delta light fixtures use the LED lights which are capable of delivering low heat output compared to any other incandescent lighting .It can be used either indoors or outdoors and when used even in cold climes you can be assured that the fixture never fades or exhibits any dimness in its glow.<


Delta manufacturers have wide parabolic ideas of creation which makes them to create varied intrinsic sconces, ceiling lights or pendant ones which pars with technical expertise. The new light fixtures are so skillfully created and the screws are concealed whilst assembling it so that none could be visible at the first glance of the fixture. Additional color filters are fitted to give that extra cachet effect for these lights.


deltalight is actually a delight of light. Rooted with its Belgian origins delta makers have now joined hands with Van Steenbergen who with a versatile out look has put out varied models for both residential as well as nonresidential interiors such as restaurants, retails. Apart from smiling from the rims of the chrome white aluminum strips or glass blown models the light is now made to show off from versatile fabrics as well.


This new lighting object would allow delta light to enter and exhibit itself in a high stage in both the retail and the fashion world too! Yes with deep sensitivity combined with trendy models of light fixtures Delta light makers are indeed proud to cater light solutions to many international projects also.

The warm glow of light from fixtures conjures up its makers to do extensive market research to re-design even better and also to show case to their customers/ clients how a “product –development “can make itself speak in an international level.

What can be added to delta fixtures? It has got everything right from style, sleek, revolutionary designs to an array of timeless Belgian functionality. More over one can expect these lights to have its subtle presence in the world as it has got varied architectural designs imbibed in it. Its presence in 110 countries is known by all and indeed with its future progress one can be sure that it might add up more countries to its distributors’ list!

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Going green and saving our planet   Leave a comment

Everybody is talking green these days because of the visible climate changes happening around us. Similarly students and teachers at the California campuses are going green too. There are number of practices that can save many natural resources.

Global warming is one of the major climatic concern which is affecting humans by unusual changes in the natural cycles and processes of the planet. So it is not just about saving the human species but about saving the planet and other species and preventing ourselves from causing more harm to our mother nature.

Since we need to stop the damage we are causing to the earth, university can be proved as a perfect start as the youth or the university students are the most active part of the society and also later in life it is them and the school children who are going to witness everything.

Around 1000 participants from the 80 colleges are actively participating in this go green campaign. The campaign has been started by reducing the electrical consumption at the campus. One of the ways of saving energy and still getting enough light is using modular lighting instruments.

Modular lighting instruments is known as an innovation in energy saving and its designers and architects have begged number of awards for its design and technology. Modular lighting instruments are highly efficient lighting solution that saves up to 70% of the energy with a quality illumination.

The campus has already reduced much of the electrical consumption and emission of greenhouse gas. Many students, teachers and staff are using bicycle or on-foot mode of commuting instead of automobiles to reduce the air pollution at and around the campus.

Light is the essential part of human and the present lifestyle has even more dependence on light as humans are now working day and night unlike our ancestors who use to work during day only.Modular lighting instruments are the perfect solution meeting the need of humans and also saving the planet from more damage by humans.

Humans are the superior species in animal kingdom and at the same time has caused majority of the destruction to the planet. Now the time has come to stop further damage and cure planet of the damage that has already been caused.

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